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SlideBomb Developer API Beta

This API is currently in BETA. It has only been enabled for a select few developers for testing.
Want to participate? Email us at
The SlideBomb Developer Webservice lets you tie your webapplications into SlideBomb.
Create SlideBombs on the fly with your content!
To get started follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Developer page in your account. Get and save your SlideBomb Account SID and Webservice API Key. Also, make sure you enable webservices by clicking on the icon if you haven't done so already.
  2. Make sure you have a JSON library available on your server so you can encode and decode JSON strings. (For more information, check out This API uses JSON.
  3. Read the API Usage Guide. This will explain how to connect to the API and use the commands available.
  4. The commands available through the API are listed below.

API Commands:
  • ping - This command is for testing connection and validation. It responds with pong repeated a certain number of times.
  • create_slidebomb - This command creates a SlideBomb.
  • append_slidestoslidebomb - This command lets you append slides to the end of a SlideBomb.
  • get_embedcode - This command retrieves the embed code for a SlideBomb.
  • mod_sharestate - This command changes whether a SlideBomb is shared or not.
  • delete_slidebomb - This command deletes a SlideBomb.
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